The Anniversary of a Cold Case in Frederick Still Remains Unsolved.

Tracey Kirkpatrick was killed on March 15th, 1989.

FREDERICK, MD (LG) One of Frederick’s oldest unsolved murder cases happened 34 years ago on March 15th, 1989.

Tracey Kirkpatrick, 17, was about to leave her work at Aileen Ladies Sportswear, located in the Westview Shopping Center, when a security guard conducting a store check, located her body in a back storage room. Investigators said she had been stabbed multiple times in her chest and back. No one was ever arrested for her murder.

Frederick Police Chief Jason Lando says efforts are continuing to bring closure to the case. “I am familiar with the case. I know it’s many years old, but the case has never closed. We never close a homicide case,” said Lando.

Police could find no apparent motive for Tracey’s brutal murder. There was no sign of sexual assault, investigators said. The day’s cash receipts were left untouched on the counter; however, her purse was missing. There were no signs of forced entry. And since there were no indications of a struggle, police believed that the murderer was someone she knew.

“I have talked about it within the past few months with the Commander of our Criminal Investigative Division. Their is still a detective that kind of oversees the case, and if we get any additional leads, actually we will pursue them,” continued Lando.

“We asked the public for their help with any information. It’s not something that we ever forget about. But right now we don’t have any new leads to go on. Is it frustrating for us? Of course, and I’m sure it’s very frustrating for the family who wants some resolution in the case. We don’t put it in a box and forget about it”.

Police Chief Jason Lando was recently a guest on WFMD’s Morning News Express.

By Loretta Gaines