Frederick’s Mayor Proposes Budget Amendment

It totals $2.25 .million.

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Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor has released an amended fiscal year 2024 budget. He says it commits further investments in city park facilities, community safety and quality of life.

The total additional amount is $2.25-million between the general fund budget and the Capital Improvements Program. It will be paid for through a combination of state and federal grants, additional anticipated tax revenue and additional use of fund balances, City officials say.

“This amended budget further delivers on my promise to invest in the future of Frederick,” says Mayor O’Connor,  in a statement. “These amendments come after robust discussions with my colleagues on the Board of Aldermen, and I appreciate their conversations. With the support of The  Office of Budget and Administration and my executive leadership team, I know this budget is the one that delivers for our residents.”

The amendment puts aside $500,000 toward renovation of Hill Street Park including the aging skateboard park. That brings the total investment in  park renovations to $1.5 million. .

There’s also a $400,000 state grant for The City’s traffic calming initiatives to address speeding concerns raised by residents.

The amended budget also provides funds for a Public Art Manager who will look at ways to puce public art into the fabric of Frederick, though maintenance, design, procurement and engagement efforts to improve the quality of life for all residents.

There is also money for the City to build on its  comprehensive plan. Mayor O’Connor says the additional funds will be sued to enhance the East Street small area plan. The amended budget also increases investments in crossing guards for the City, and non-profit Community Promotion Grants.

State funding totaling $300,000 for the Frederick City Department of Housing and Human Services is also contained in the amended budget. The City says $200,000 of that amount will be used for a permanent supportive housing renovation project. The remaining $100,000 has been set aside fot  a Westside Health Center. No location has been selected for this facility.

The Board of Aldermen is scheduled to vote on the proposed spending plan on Thursday, May 18th. It will include ordinances setting the City’s fee schedule and an employee pay scale for fiscal year 2024. There will be a vote on special ordinances setting the tax rate for the next fiscal year as well as the budget itself.   The meeting takes place at City Hall beginning at 7:00 PM.

By Kevin McManus