Frederick Mayor Elected To Leadership Position For the Md. Municipal League

He says MML membership benefits Frederick city.

Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick Mayor Michael O’Connor has become a part of the leadership of the Maryland Municipal League. During their Annual Conference last week in Ocean City, MML members elected Mayor O’Connor as President-elect. He takes over as President of the League next year.

“It’s an honor to have this bestowed on me by my colleagues in the League, and I’m really looking forward to what the next two years are going to bring supporting John Carroll, the Mayor of Galena, Maryland, this year, and taking that role a year from now,”: says O’Connor.

As President-elect, Mayor O’Connor says this new role comes with some duties. “What it means is I’m going to get the opportunity for the next couple of years to travel around the state, and meet with municipal officials in their communities, and help to lead an organization that does wonderful work on behalf of 157 municipalities in the state of Maryland,”: he says.

This leadership position, according to Mayor O’Connor, can help the City of Frederick develop partnerships with other entities. . “It’s a great opportunity for us to get really good opportunities with our counterparts at the Maryland Association of Counties–MACO–and those elected officials, with our state leadership in Annapolis; with the Governor’s Office, the Legislature,” he says.

In addition, it also forges existing relationships the city has developed. “It’s a great collaboration. These are great partnerships. And the opportunity for the City of Frederick to build and forge those partnerships in stronger ways,” he says.

There are also benefits to the city from its membership in MML. “The educational opportunities, the training, the advocacy work that gets doneĀ  is really important to the City of Frederick,”: says Mayor O’Connor. “While we may be the second largest city in Maryland, we are able to provide a lot of information and resource-sharing with municipalities that are small.”

Along with that, he says the City of Frederick can learn from other municipalities how they handle the challenges they are facing.

By Kevin McManus