Career Prep Program For Homeless Students In Frederick County Public Schools

It will take place Wednesdays in July at the Goodwill campus.

Frederick, Md (KM) Homeless students in Frederick County public schools can learn about preparing for careers. The Student Homelessness  Initiative Partnership and the Goodwill Industries of the Monocacy Valley have teamed up to form the Career Prep Open Lab Session. It will be held every Wednesday in July at the Goodwill campus at 1750 Monocacy Boulevard from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM.

“It often comes to the surface that many of our students need assistance with career preparation, planning, building a resume, finding a position, thinking about what  the future of their career looks like. And this is really been a wonderful opportunity  for us  to help meet that need,”: says Melissa Muntz, the Executive Director of SHIP.

“They work on their resume and cover letter writing, their career search skills. They can earn certifications in things like digital literacy, financial literacy and essential soft skills,”: says Amy Lyons, the Director of Mission Services for Goodwill. “Or they can learn more about searching and applying for jobs.”

Lyons says the services are free. “Really, it’s just for students to come in and get those no-cost career services,”; she says. “We have special time dedicated to them so they feel like they’re getting lots of attention, and they’re getting all of their needs and questions met.”

Career advisers will also be on hand to help.

Muntz says there are more than 1,000 students attending Frederick County public schools experiencing homelessness. “The assumption is often that people who are experiencing homelessness are unemployed. And actually, that’s often not the case. They’re often underemployed,” she says. “So they may be working and they may be earning a small income. But often because they don’t have those skills that Goodwill is providing, they’re unable to get to the level of employment that they could otherwise.”

For more information, you can contact Goodwill at 301-662-0622, or SHIP at 240-415-8971.

By Kevin McManus