Frederick Health Hospital Nearing End Of Construction On Its Critical Care Complex.

Much of the  construction has been completed.

Rendering of Frederick Health Hospital following the completion of the Critical Care Project.

(Picture from Frederick Health Hospital)

Frederick, Md (KM) Construction on the Critical Care Project at Frederick Health Hospital is expected to be completed by December of this year.

The project involved three floors of one wing of the hospital where the Emergency Department is located.. It included the complete redesign and expansion of the Emergency Department; the renovation and expansion of the intensive care unit; and enhancing intervention cardiac services, according to background material from FHH.

Cheryl Cioffi, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Hospital, says during the summer of 2022, work was completed on the intensive care unit, the cardiac catheterizaion lab and the pediatric emergency department. She says it has been well received by the FHH staff, patients and their families. “We do continue to work through construction in our main emergency department now which will finish up by December of this year,” Cioffi says. “As each area has opened, it’s really helped us to provide improvement in patient flow in the department and through the department.”

She also says the hospital staff has worked hard to make sure the construction wasn’t too much of an inconvenience for patients. But wait times are still a problem. “We’re really glad to be at this place now where we are that there’s so much opened up across the Emergency Department. But we are not where we want to be with the wait times with our emergency department. But we are certainly actively working on that every day, and we have seen some recent improvements,”; she says.

“So we’re really excited to get to end of this year in December,” says Cioffi “We will have at that time at total of 51 general emergency beds for adults, eight crisis beds and eight triage places.”

The cost of this project is $46.7-million dollars, Cioffi says. Some of that money came from  donations from the community. “They have stepped  up for us time and time again, and they’re doing so still with these current fundraising efforts that we have underway  for this critical care pavilion,”: she says.

The newly renovated area will be located at the Frederick Health Hospital main campus on West 7th Street in Frederick.

“The goal of all of this was to minimize patient wait times for the community,” says Cioffi.

By Kevin McManus