Montgomery County Public Schools Sued Over No-Opt-Out Policy For LGBTQ+ Curriculum

The lawsuit surrounds seven books with LGBTQ+ material.

Montgomery County, Md. (BW)- The Montgomery County School Board is being sued by three families for not allowing parents to opt their kids out of LGBTQ+ involved curriculum.

A Federal Judge ruled in favor of the school board on Thursday, Aug 24, but legal counsel for the families say the plaintiff plans to appeal the decision.

In March 2023, MCPS decided to not allow parents to opt their children out of lessons based on LGBTQ+ books. They also decided not to notify parents when these books would be read.

After months of protests, three families decided to collectively file a lawsuit, claiming this policy violates First Amendment rights, 14th Amendment rights and Maryland Law.

The families also requested a preliminary injunction to immediately require notification of when this curriculum will take place and the ability to opt-out while the case is happening.

The judge did not grant the injunction, claiming the families did not meet the requirements for it.

Seven books are in question in the case. One book is titled “Puppy Pride” and it is about a family’s visit to a Pride parade. Another book listed in the case is titled “Uncle Bobby’s Wedding” and is about a girl whose Uncle is engaged to be married to a man.

Montgomery County Students go back to school on Monday, Aug 28.