Historic Building In Downtown Frederick Has A New Use

It’s the corporate headquarters of TMS.

Hallway In TMS Building (Top)                                                            View of Carroll Creek  from TMS                                                                                                                      Building

Frederick, Md (KM) A company which does business all over the world is now housed in Frederick. Transportation Management Services now occupies the second floor at 46 South Market Street.

Frank Sherman, founder and CEO of TMS, says the company was based in Montgomery County. However, he says he was approached by one of his team about the idea of moving to Frederick. “A lot of us are driving from west of Frederick. Is there anyway we can open a Frederick office,” Sherman said. “I said ‘let’s do a poll and check it out.’ It tunned out that 90 percent of the staff were excited in having a Frederick office.”

Sherman says he was looking for a building, and saw 46 South Market Street which is along Carroll Creek. It had once been horse stables and a carriage factory.    But it had been vacant for decades. He says he purchased the building in 2019.

He said the interior of the two-story building was gutted, and it had no  plumbing or electricity. A contractor spent three years rehabilitating that structure. “Everything from the ground up was reworked from mechanical systems. We installed an elevator. We built a new addition. We re-worked the windows to be compliant with the Historic {District} Commission,” says Sherman.

TMS officially moved into its new headquarters on September 18th, 2023. He says the company does business around the world, but this location at 46 South Market Street is the corporate headquarters. “Our accounting is here. Our operations are here. So anybody who is overreaching and supporting everyone in the company is located here,:” says Sherman.

Even though TMS occupies the second floor, there are plans for the first floor. “There will be a restaurant or a brewery on the first floor. Then we’re on the second floor. And then we have the roof top which right now will be for TMS uses,” says Sherman.

TMS has also purchased the vacant lot next door which will be converted  into a private parking lot for employees and their business endeavors, according to the company.

Sherman says TMS tries to keep a low profile, but it is active in providing transportation services for public and private meetings, conventions, and special events. “We will handle all the passenger logistics of how everyone will get around, how they get into the airport, how they get to their event, and then how they return hopefully safely,” he says.

“Just finished the World Cup in Qatar last year which was a pretty exciting project for Qatar and naturally for us,” Sherman continues. He also says TMS has worked in nations such as New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and the United States.

Sherman also says it was a good decision to relocate TMS from Montgomery County to Frederick. “We find to be an eclectic town where we’re excited to be here. We feel supported by the town. They want business here which is nice. We’re looking forward to the years to come,” he says.

By Kevin McManus