Draft Report Released By Frederick’s Charter Review Committee

Citizens are invited to comment.

Frederick, Md (KM) Frederick City’s Charter Review Committee has released its draft report, and is seeking public input. The report contains recommended changes to the city’s governing document in the areas of elections, election administration, the legislative body and the structure of government.

The recommendations include:

1. City Structure Change: Establishing a separate executive (Mayor) and legislative branch (City Council).

2. Legislative Body Name: The City’s legislative body shall be known as the City Council.
Size of City Council: A seven-member City Council, some elected from districts and others at large.

3. City Council Districting: Developing a new process for election with four members from districts and three at large.

4. President of City Council: Determined by vote and held for the length of the term.

5. Qualifications of Office: Defined criteria for the Mayor and City Council members.
Term Limits: Limiting Mayor to two four-year terms and City Council members to three four-year terms.

6. Timing of Elections: Maintaining separate off-cycle City elections with mail-in ballots for maximum voter turnout.

7. Ranked Choice Voting: Serious consideration for future implementation.

8. Primaries: Adopting a semi-open primary system.

7. Voting Rights: Extending voting rights to noncitizen City residents.

8. Legislative Process: Establishing a process with timelines for proposed legislation.
Compensation for Elected Officials: Appointment of a Compensation Commission on a schedule.

9. Mayoral Appointees: Appointment of a Chief Administrative Officer.

10. Mayoral Authority of City Employees: Appointment of executives for key functions.
City Council Authority of City Employees: Limited involvement in day-to-day operations.
Charter Review Schedule: Requiring a review not less frequently than every eight years.

11. Ethics Provision: Extending Ethics Ordinance to elected officials.

12. Charter Language Revisions: Eliminating, moving sections to the City Code, and considering language changes.

Residents are encouraged to read the draft report and make comments. To make comments, send an e-mail to [email protected].

By Kevin McManus