Frederick Police Release Body Cam Video From Officers’ Shootings

The Chief says it’s a way to maintain accountability and transparency in all matters.

Frederick, Md (KM) The public has  a chance to see body-cam video from last year’s shootings of two Frederick Police Officers. Police Chief Jason Lando says the  video  was released to provide for accountability and transparency in all incidents involving the department.

On February 11th, 2022, Officers Bryan Snyder and Kristen Kowalsky were dispatched to the area of Key Parkway near Waverly Drive for a  suspicious individual who had a gun. They approached Dominique Lewis who was sitting on an electric box. At first, Lewis refused their inquires, but then he shot Officers Snyder and Kowalsky. They returned fire. The video has the sound of multiple gunshots.   \

Then there is this duologue:

“Don’t you move,”: says Officer Snyder to Lewis. “Shots fired,” he continues’ “I think I’m hit”

“I’m hit too,” says Officer Kowalsky.

“You okay,” Officer Kowalsky asks. “No, I’m bleeding,” says Snyder. “Me too,” Kowalsky responds

“Put your hands out to your side,” Kowalsky orders Lewis, who is lying face down after being shot. “Put your hands out to your side.” says Snyder.

Other officers arrived after hearing that both Snyder and Kowalsky were shot. They tell the other officers that a gun is underneath Lewis who has been shot.

“The gun’s underneath him. The gun’s underneath him,” says Kowalsky. “Do not move,” says Officer Kowalsky to Lewis “I see it,”: the other officer says, referring to the gun.

Lewis is lying down with blood on his clothes. Some blood is seen on the electric box he was sitting on.

Both Officers Snyder and Kowalsky, and Lewis, are flown to University of Maryland Shock Trauma in Baltimore. . The two cops are treated and released later that evening. Lewis remained  in the hospital for a few more days.

On Friday last week, at a Frederick County Circuit Court hearing, Lewis was found guilty of the shootings, but not criminally responsible. Judge Julie Stevenson Solt ordered Lewis to be placed in a secure mental health institution until he is no longer determined to be a danger to the community and himself. A medical expert with the Maryland Department of Health determined Lewis’ mental condition was so compromised, he didn’t understand what he was doing.

Chief Lando called the outcome of this case “disappointing.”

“When this incident occurred, we pledged accountability, transparency, and to give the community some answers,” says Chief Lando, during the video. “But our first duty was to ensure a fair trial to everyone involved in this case, and releasing footage at the time of the incident risked tainting the jury. Today, the case is now concluded. The Frederick Police Department is releasing this footage in compliance with our departmental policy on events of significant public interest.”

The video is posted on the Frederick Police website which is part of the Frederick City website. (

By Kevin McManus