Bill Covering Frederick County Sheriff’s Salary To Move Forward

It’s supported by a majority of the local Legislative Delegation.





Frederick, Md (KM) A majority of the Frederick County Legislative Delegation on Friday voted in favor of moving forward with a bill covering the Sheriff’s salary. It’s a delegation bill which would set up a commission to study the Sheriff’s salary, and make a recommendation.

The legislation was sponsored by State Senator Karen Lewis Young, but she asked that it be tabled because it didn’t seem to have a lot of support. She said some legislators in Annapolis re focusing on the individual who is currently occupying the position, and not the position itself. “There are some indictments going on right now. The feedback I received this past week was the timing is not good to be moving forward on this bill,” she said.

Incumbent Sheriff Chuck Jenkins along with local businessman Robert Krop were indicted in April, 2023, for making false statements to illegally obtain machine guns. Both men have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

State Senator Justin Ready supported this bill. “I think the study was right way to go. The work group was the right way to go. So I guess I’m concerned because whatever happens with the trial , the court case about the person involved, there’s going to be a sheriff in January, 2027,” he said.

The attempt to raise the Sheriff’s salary in 2023 was approved by the State Senate, but rejected by the House of Delegates.

Even though this new bill probably doesn’t have much of a chance in 2024, State Senator Bill Folden urged local lawmakers to support it anyway. “So I say move the bill now. Move it forward for the study. Get this part out of the way so we have a number. And if they want to kill, let ’em kill it,” he said.

Another supporter of the bill was Delegate April Miller, who said now is the time to raise the Sheriff’s salary. “My concern is that we’re not going to be competitive to attracting people to run for the position, or they’re not going to be able to run,” she said.

The Sheriff currently makes $125,000 per year.

Any increase in the Sheriff’s salary approved by the General Assembly  would not take affect until after the 2026 election.



By Kevin McManus