Federal Funding Set Aside For Three Projects In Western Maryland

Two of them are in Frederick County.

Senator Chris Van Hollen

Washington DC (KM) Three projects in Western Maryland are receiving a total of $1,522, 000 in federal funding, including two in Frederick County, according to Senator Chris Van Hollen’s office, which made the announcement in a news release. .

One is for  the installation of a solar-charged microgrid at the Prospect Center to provide uninterrupted power to the Emergency Operations and Nine-One-One Centers, the Interagency Technology Data Center and other agencies. Plans are to relocate these offices to the Prospect Center. That project is expected to receive $.1, 275,000.

The African-American Resources–Cultural and Heritage Society is receiving $162,000 toward the planned African-American Heritage Center which will have exhibits and programs for visitors. The money will be used for producing and installing exhibits.

The Garrett County Residential Crisis Services is scheduled to receive $85,000. The funds are expected to be used to repair the damage and upgrade the structure so the facility can reopen and provide critical services to residents, Safe Harbor  Residential Crisis Services  is Garrett County’s only mental health focused residential crisis facility, and had been closed due to structural water damage.

These funds comes from an appropriations  bill passed by Congress in March, and signed by the President.

“Delivering these direct federal funds for key local initiatives helps strengthen communities in Western Maryland and across our state. These resources will help bolster mental health crisis resources, improve emergency response services and honor local history,” says Senator Chris Van Hollen, in a statement. “We’re excited to see our local partners put these funds to work to benefit communities in Frederick and Garrett Counties.”

By Kevin McManus