New Maryland Law Targets Street Racing

Up to 1 year in jail is possible and $1,000 in fines.

ANNAPOLIS, MD. (MAY 30, 2024) Beginning Saturday, June 1, 2024, participants in street racing and exhibition driving in Maryland will face mandatory court appearances, up to one year’s imprisonment, as well as a doubling of fines to $1,000, thanks to a new law recently signed by Governor Wes Moore.

The law also increases points assessed to convicted violators to 8 or more on their drivers’ records, potentially suspending or revoking drivers’ licenses.

In recent years, highly organized, tech-savvy criminal gangs, oftentimes without warning, have taken over Maryland intersections, shopping malls, parking lots and town centers.

The new law focuses on people who engage or participate in race or speed contests. This includes any highway or private property used for driving by the public. The law also prohibits participating as a timekeeper or flagman.