Walkersville Man Convicted For A Hagerstown Murder

The homicide occurred on Hagerstown’s West End.

Hagerstown, Md (KM) A Walkersville man was convicted recently in Washington County for killing a man in Hagerstown on Saint Patrick’s Day in 2022. Kyeron Zamierer Cottingham, 27, was found guilty by a jury on June 28th, of 1st-degree murder and 17 other offenses for the shooting death of Jermaine Reed.  This verdict followed a one-week trial.

The homicide took place on Hagerstown’s West End. .Reed, 27, was sitting in his car on Alexander Street near Dale Street on March 17th, 2022. when a Honda pulled up next to Reed’s vehicle. Two people leaned out the rear window and began shooting at Reed and his car. Reed got out his vehicle, and ran north out the  sidewalk, but the two individuals in the Honda continued firing. Reed collapsed on the sidewalk. He was taken to Mertius Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.,

Washington County District Court Judge Brett Wilson ordered a pre-sentence hearing for Cottingham. .

He is the first of four defendants to stand trial for Reed’s murder. Two co-defendants, including a man who testified against Cottingham, have reached plea agreements.

The trial of a fourth man in this homicide is scheduled for this summer.

By Kevin McManus